\”MATCH\’s mission is to support innovative grassroots women’s organizations that are holding ground and breaking ground around the world, with a vision to end violence and discrimination against women and girls, and a value system comprised of Courage, Ambition, Tenacity, Feminism, Innovation, Agility and Collaboration.

Innovation is what happens when you know your power and have the courage to use it to meet a specific need at a specific time. And social innovation is doing it…for good.

Courageous women, girls, and trans* people are innovating at the grassroots level to find solutions to the barriers they face. But there are two things they definitely don’t have: money and visibility.

That\’s where Match comes in. First you use your power for good. Then we use our power for good. Then the women, girls, and trans* folks on the ground use their power for good.\”

– The MATCH International Women\’s Fund



"If you want to help yourself, help someone else..." -…




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