Don’t let Kindness pass you by…

5K PARK Fest is right around the corner and things are looking really good! This year’s event is all about Kindness over Kilometers so bring your sneakers but don’t expect it to be hard core like the Summer Olympics.

We know 5K’s are not for everybody, so we made ours very different from any you’ve ever PARKticipated in. When you finish our race, you would have completed 5 acts of kindness! We aren’t going to tell you what they are just yet… just know they’ll be super fun and easy!

The important thing to remember is that everybody who registers is helping their favorite cause continue the amazing work they already do! You would be Performing an Act of Random Kindness or simply put, PARK’g for yours.

No need to plan anything except the few emails and phone calls you would make to get your friends and family involved because, let’s face it, you’re not going to leave them out of the party, are you? What kind of person would you be?

So get your sneakers out and register for the 5K that gives back to your favorite cause.

Click here to start your team today!


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