Adrianna Foster: A Motivational Concert Experience

It’s not every day you find something you could stand behind and trust will have a lasting, positive impact on the world! When we decided to launch 5K PARK Fest, we knew that creating an event where every cause could benefit, without incurring the risk and hard work associated with planning a 5k and festival, would have a huge impact on our community. When you register for 5K PARK Fest, you are standing behind the cause you’re most passionate about and inspiring others to do the same (click here to register)!

This was true when we met Adrianna Foster. Her intentions were pure, her voice was breathtaking and her story shared thru live music was incredibly impactful! We immediately knew we had to help spread her message of hope and kindness to our community of Difference Makers … YOU!

When our presenting PARKner, Mary Wong of the Office Depot Foundation, met Adrianna at our kickoff motivational concert “All About Kindness” back in May, the same thing happened. She was so moved that she graciously offered to host this weekend’s concert at the Office Depot Foundation’s GLOBAL headquarters in Boca Raton! The act of kindness didn’t stop there – they are offering this unique concert experience for FREE to all who RSVP by this Friday!

Just like us, the Office Depot Foundation realizes the impact that sharing this powerful musical experience and motivational message with as many people as possible can have on our community, and our world, so DON’T MISS IT!


We look forward to seeing you this Saturday, September 17th at Adrianna Foster’s Motivational Concert Experience.

To RSVP and ensure you have a seat reserved, click here!

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