About Us

PARK Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization and volunteer-driven movement on a mission to spread the message “Perform Acts of Random Kindness” worldwide. Our PARK Network is made up of kind people who are making the world a better place by donating their valuable time, energy and heart to fuel this mission and our signature events like 5K PARK Fest, PARK Life Motivational Concerts and our holiday Awesome Toy Drive, among other community service initiatives year round.

Board of Directors

  • Chris Colina
    Chris Colina Creative Director, brandQ
  • Mari Q. Colina
    Mari Q. Colina Art Director, brandQ
  • Bert Casanova
    Bert Casanova Co-Founder / Development Director
  • Marly Q. Founder
    Marly Q. Founder CEO (Chief Event Officer)

PARK Action Team

  • Dunia Villanueva
    Dunia Villanueva
  • Melanie Quincoces
    Melanie Quincoces
  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza
  • Myra Martinez
    Myra Martinez
  • Robert Londono
    Robert Londono
  • Silvana Herrera
    Silvana Herrera
  • Sohpia Gorostiza
    Sohpia Gorostiza
  • Sebastian Hart
    Sebastian Hart
  • Debbie Rodriguez
    Debbie Rodriguez
  • Melanie Quincoces
    Melanie Quincoces PARK Action Team
  • Brittany Janes
    Brittany Janes PARK Action Team
  • Adolfo Colmenares
    Adolfo Colmenares PARK Action Team